Mr. Harrison!

Oh, those little hands and toes get me every time. After sitting through so many ultrasounds over the year, I’m pretty good at identifying everything on the screen. At one point, she was doing some measuring and I see 8.5 cm. I’m pretty sure I let out an audible gasp right before asking if that was his head diameter. Her confirmation of the news had me sweating just a bit. He still has quite a while for that head to keep on growing. Yes, this is no surprise to me. I’m aware of my children’s abnormally large heads, but seeing it on the screen measured out was a different experience.

Harrison and I had our last ultrasound this week. Boy oh boy, is he doing well. They said he is almost 5lbs. and at this point and is expected to double his birth weight if I make it to 40 weeks. Let’s me be perfectly clear! I have NEVER had a 10lb. baby! The tech said she didn’t think I would last beyond 6, maybe 8 more weeks, but after I told her I had always had to be induced, she just shook her head and wished me well. I did pray for a happy, content, baby. That must be equivalent to giant, massive, happy, content baby!